Searching for Anna

After all this time? Always.


2005: Doug French begins investigation of Anna’s case.

2005 November 15: WebSleuths Forum puts Anna’s case in Spotlight Cases because of overwhelming number of posts.

2006 January: Anna’s brother relates a memory of a couple in a car which tried to entice Anna into the car, about a month before she disappeared.

2006 September 20Half Moon Bay Review corrects mistakes in its original 1973 article, publishes front page photograph of Anna’s mother and French distributing flyers to residents of Purisima Creek Road.

2007: New National Center for Missing & Exploited Children poster by forensic artist Steve Loftin

2007 January 16Missing Pieces radio show interview with Doug French, hosted by Todd Matthews and Eric Meadows. 

2007 May: One particularly promising candidate, "C.," was ruled out as Anna following DNA tests by the California Department of Justice forensic laboratory.

2007 November 5-11Missing TV show included Anna's case.

2008 FebruarySearching for Anna book published.

2009 September 9 Half Moon Bay Review publishes an updated article.

Written by Kayleigh on Sunday November 27, 2016

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