Searching for Anna

After all this time? Always.


1973 January 16: Anna disappears from the farm in Half Moon Bay.

1973 January 16 onward: Extensive physical search by San Mateo County Sheriff's officers and by volunteers, which extends through 1975 and beyond

1973 January 25: The Half Moon Bay Review publishes an article about Anna's disappearance, and calls this “the greatest search in coastside history.” The article implied that Anna was accidentally drowned in Purisima Creek, and did not mention that her disappearance might be a possible kidnapping. (did other media ignore, or follow suit ?).

1973 January 26: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Brendan Maguire investigates George Waters (Anna's Father) and his "mentor," George Brody . Maguire also walks Higgins Canyon Road with Anna's family to see where the farm could be secretly observed.

1973 January 27: The ceasefire following the Paris Peace Accords goes into effect — peace in Vietnam.

1973 January 31: Maguire reports that Anna's Father and Brody haven't been seen at their hotel for more than a week.

1973 February 14: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office apparently suspends their investigation into Anna's disappearance.. 

1973 June: Salvation Army magazine publishes story about Anna's case.

1973-1975: Joe Ford (Anna's Stepdad) has published details on his blog ( about his surveillance of Anna's father and George Brody from the summer of 1973 through 1975.

1974 March: The family moves from Half Moon Bay to a nearby Coastside community; renovations begin at the farm on Purisima Creek Road.

1974 January: Doug French meets Anna's older brother, Nonda, while both were students at Half Moon Bay High School.

1975 April 20: Anna's Mom has an article about Anna's disappearance in the San Francisco Chronicle, which brings extensive feedback. Anna's Stepdad monitors the reaction of Anna's Father and Brody to the story.

1975 August 18: Mamie Damaris Ensor, Anna's great-grandmother, dies. While delirious she had said "They found Mikie's baby in North Carolina."

1975 October 11: Henry Waters, Anna's maternal grandfather, dies in Wisconsin.

1978: Private Investigator Josiah Thompson works on Anna's case, following Brody and Waters. but does not believe they are involved. He was involved again briefly in 1980 and 2005.

1979 March: Joe Ford observes Waters and Brody again, taking pictures.

1979 May: Department of the Interior spokesman Kenneth R. Lajoie says likelihood of a body being silted over permanently in Purisima Creekis next to impossible.

1981 December: George Brody dies of cancer.

1982 January 11: A few weeks after Brody's death from cancer, the body of Anna's Father is discovered in a hotel in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, an apparent suicide.

1982 January 19: Waters' brother gives his papers to Ford. Ford interviews hotel clerk. Anna's Stepdad searches through the records left behind by Anna's Father looking for clues to Anna's disappearance(

1984: Congress passes the Missing Children’s Assistance Act of 1984. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), designated by the U.S. Congress to serve as a national clearinghouse of information about missing and exploited children, begins operations. Anna's information is given to the Center, and her photograph has been circulated by them from that time to the present.

1984 October 30: Ed Benedict, Anna's paternal grandfather, dies in Tennessee.

1985 February: Federal Bureau of Investigation must be notified in all cases of missing children, saying interstate travel can be presumed after 24 hours from the time a minor was abducted or assumed to be abducted.

1985 March: Regional organizations offering assistance in missing children’s cases are formed.

1986: Brendan Maguire dies during election campaign for San Mateo County Sheriff, but still wins 79 percent of vote.

1986: Ford leaves home. 

1994: FBI forms “Crimes Against Children” task force in northern California. National Association for Missing and Exploited Children develops software for age-advanced pictures of missing children.

1995: International Division of NCMEC is founded. 

1996: The Hague Convention outlining the rights of children and agreeing to return abducted children to a custodial parent in another country is signed by 187 nations and principalities.

1997Megan’s Law requires that names and addresses of sex offenders be made public.


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