Searching for Anna

After all this time? Always.


Time Line: 1967-1973

1967 Summer (estimated): Dr. George Waters meets George Brody while attending Brody's friend, Margaret Kukoda, who was seriously ill.

1967 September 25: Anna Christian Waters is born in San Francisco, the daughter of George Waters and Michaele Benedict Waters.

1968 November: Anna's Father moves out of the family home and remains estranged from the family for the rest of his life.

1969 June: Anna's Mom is introduced to Joe Ford, Anna's future stepfather, by a mutual friend.

1969 November: Anna's parents' divorce is finalized.

1971 May: Anna, her two brothers, her mother and Joe Ford move from San Francisco and begin a six-month cross-country bus trip.

1971 November: Anna's family ends their bus trip and moves to a farm in Half Moon Bay, California.

1972 September: Anna's Mom and Joe Ford marry.

1972 September: Anna begins kindergarten.

1972 December: As Anna and her two brothers walk along Purisma Creek Road, a passing couple tries to entice Anna into their car. This memory was suppressed by Anna's older brother for more than 33 years.

1973 January 16: Anna disappears from the farm in Half Moon Bay.

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